TriTip 2 - Smoked!

One of the benefits of an offset smoker is that I can cook off the flame.  Tradition states that BBQ is cooking low and slow.  The result is a tender product with a great smoke flavor.  yeah yeah yeah, I know any smoker can do that!  How about if we use our BBQ know how and combine it with our Grilling know how?  Well you will be left with one hell of a good TriTip!

Warm up your smoker to 300 to 325F using your favorite fuel.  I use red oak.

Trim your TriTip as normal, then rub with the following mixture. Cover the meat completely with the rub.

Rub (adjust to size of the meat)
1/4 cup Olive oil
3 tbsp Kosher Salt
1 tbsp Black Pepper
1 tbsp Onion Powder
4 cloves of Garlic - crushed

Place the meat in the smoker for 45 minutes per pound, or till it reaches 140F.  Remove and wrap in foil for 20 minutes.  Slice thin and serve.

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