Grilled Lobster

This is my go to recipe for those BBQs I want to class up. It is really easy and loved by all.


  • Lobster Tails, 6 - 8 tails with top shell split.  (I use 6oz tails)
  • Olive oil - 1 cup
  • Lemon Juice - 3 tbsp
  • Garlic Powder - 1 tbsp 
  • Salt - 1 tbsp
  • Paprika - 1 tbsp
  • Pepper - Fine Ground - 2 tsp (lemon pepper works to)
  • Cayenne Pepper - 1/2 tsp
Mix together the olive oil and lemon juice (I use a salad dressing electric mixer) , then combine the oil mixture with the other ingredients.

Split the tails and brush with the above oil mixture. 

Preheat the grill on high heat.

Oil the grill and place the tails, split side down.  Grill for 4-5 minutes.  Turn.
Bast the split side frequently till the tail is done (another 4-5 minutes).  The meat should be firm.  Toss the left over oil mixture, it was exposed to the raw lobster. 

Serve with a steak!

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