Bacon Cheese Burger

The other day I was BBQ'n (shocker, I know). The main dish was a Bacon Cheese Burger, relatively simple. While I was making it I was thinking about one of my favorite burger joints Red Robin. Any restaurant that offers bottomless steak fries is worthy of my restaurant attendance. Anyway, the reason I bring them up is the number of burger variations they offer. They offer, burgers with blue cheese and 57 sauce, burgers with peppers and spicy jack cheese, regular burgers with an egg on top. You get the idea, lots of burger choices. This brings me to the burger that I was making (see the recipe below). My bacon cheese burger includes, ground beef, filler and spices, egg, bacon (pre-cooked and chopped), shredded sharp cheddar all mixed together and formed into 3/4lbs patties. These are a favorite with the kids. I prefer an onion bun or a good potato roll.

As I was making the patties I was consumed with thoughts about other ways to make burgers. One dish I really like is Parmesan Chicken, a Parmesan Burger maybe just as good! Alas I have been disappointed by the Parmesan Burgers found at my local eateries. I think I have solved the issue. Now it is up to you..yes you to help me perfect the following recipe. Once you try the recipe and add your spin, add as a comment to this post. Once we have perfected this burger of greatness we must spread the news to the masses. Yes, the world needs this recipe. Maybe this is the key to world peace! OK maybe not...but the burger sounds really good.

Here it is:

Ground Beef
Bread Crumbs (Italian seasoned)
Garlic Powder
Parmesan Cheese
Red Pepper

mix together and make into smaller patties

Bread the patties in a eggs wash breading (cover in the following order)

  • Flour (with salt)
  • Egg
  • Bread Crumbs with Italian seasoning
Fry the breaded patties in olive oil (1/4 inch in heavy pan) until done (flip halfway through cooking time)
Top with a thick slice of mozzarella cheese, then marinara sauce. Serve on a garlic roll.
MMMMmmmm sounds good.
Here is the recipe for the Bacon Cheese Burger:
Mix and form patties:
  • Ground beef
  • Pork fat (from a butcher)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chili powder
  • bread crumbs
  • egg
  • Worcester sauce
  • shredded Sharp Cheddar
  • cooked chopped bacon
BBQ (10 minutes per side or until done)
Top with a slice of sharp Cheddar and a few slices of bacon. Kraft processed cheese is not cheese!


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